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Crocker Ltd is an architectural conservation and historic preservation firm specializing in the restoration of earthen buildings and the structural stabilization of all building types. Below is a partial list of projects involving the stabilization of historic structures performed in compliance with the Secretary of Interior's Standards:

2011-2012. Santa Ana Mission at Tamayá Restoration, Santa Ana Pueblo, NM. Complete restoration, including stabilization, drainage, archeological monitoring, and all wooden elements, of a late-17th century adobe mission church. Recipient of a 2013 New Mexico Architectural Heritage Preservation Award.

2010-2011. St. Augustine Church Restoration, Isleta, NM. Stabilization, partial reconstruction, archeological monitoring, and complete 100-year restoration, sub-floor to bell towers, of a massive adobe mission church built in 1612. Recipient of a 2012 New Mexico Architectural Heritage Preservation Award.
Click here for a slideshow narrative of the restoration: for Internet Explorer, for all other browsers. (Here's a PDF if neither of those displays correctly for you.)

2010. Painted Kiva Emergency Roof Replacement, Coronado State Monument, Bernalillo, NM. Emergency replacement of failed roof, including protecting historic painted murals; replacing five massive vigas; reconstruction of watertight earthen roof; and rebuilding adobe walls and timber ladder.

2009. Fort Stanton Administration/Museum Building Renovation, Fort Stanton, NM. Complete restoration, in strict accordance with State of New Mexico and National Parks Historic Preservation Guidelines, of a historically significant building, built in 1855 and on the National Historic Register. Recipient of the 2010 New Mexico Heritage Preservation Award for Architectural Heritage.

2008. Zia Diner, Santa Fe, NM. Stabilization of severely damaged adobe south wall bases; stabilization and reconstruction of historic façade; and replication of historic Portland-based pebble-dash plaster at a National Register site built in 1925.

2006-2007. Gutiérrez-Hubbell House, Albuquerque, NM. Rehabilitation of 5,700 sq. ft., 150-year-old adobe hacienda, plus construction of a new restroom facility. Listed on the N.M. State Register of Cultural Properties and designated a Save America's Treasures project. Recipient of the 2008 New Mexico Heritage Preservation Award for Architectural Heritage and a 2009 National Trust for Historic Preservation Honor Award.

2006-2007. Costilla County Courthouse, San Luis, CO. Funding: Colorado State Historic Fund. Exterior reconstruction and restoration and drainage design/installation of adobe and stone courthouse constructed 1853.

2006-2007. Baca County Courthouse, Springfield, CO. Funding: Colorado State Historic Fund. Roof renovation on historic Colorado courthouse.

2005. Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, Ganado, AZ. Funding: National Park Service. Stabilization, archeological monitoring, and drainage system installation at historic stone hogan.

2004. Palace of the Governors, Santa Fe, NM. Funding: State of New Mexico. Stabilization and restoration of north adobe wall and stone footings; viga splice/repair; design and apply colored earthen plasters to highlight select features as an interpretive tool. (read article)

2004. Canyon Road residence, Santa Fe, NM. Replace/splice failed vigas, replace ceiling decking, and adobe wall repair of State Historic Register home dating to 1920s.

2004. Digneo Moore House, Santa Fe, NM. Exterior restoration of New Mexico State Historic Register property, including quoin reconstruction and repair.

2003. Las Barrancas, Jacona, NM. Stabilization of early 20th century double-wythe structure on shallow rubble and mud foundation.

2001. Zia Diner, Santa Fe, NM. Stabilization of severely damaged adobe wall bases and replication of historic Portland-based pebble-dash plaster at National Register site built in 1925.

2000. 69 Ranch, Buena Vista, NM. Restoration of adobe barn, blacksmith shop, and outbuildings in ranch built in 1880.

1999-2000. J.J. Hagerman Estate, Carlsbad, NM. Restoration of historic property dating to 1890s. Included repointing of soft-fired brick masonry.

1998. Diamond A Ranch, Picacho, NM. Restoration and stabilization of 1850s farmhouse and conversion of wing of main house into guest wing.

Projects in which the Secretary of Interior's Standards were not invoked but were complied with:

2007-2009. Marsh Ranch, Watrous, NM. Stabilization, rehabilitation, and mechanical/plumbing upgrade of a complex of 22 historic brick and adobe buildings on a working ranch in northern New Mexico.

2007-2008. Andy's La Fiesta, Ranchos de Taos, NM. Structural stabilization, moisture remediation, and restoration services for former dance hall/saloon, one of the original structures on the Ranchos de Taos Plaza.

2007. Pitchfork Ranch, near Meeteetse, WY. Prepare structural assessment and treatment strategy for stabilization and restoration of historic Otto Franc House. Perform phase one stabilization.

2006. Doodlets Gift Shop, Santa Fe, NM. Underpin foundation, provide structural stabilization and adobe repair for multistory adobe hotel built in 1870. Provide archeological services when artifacts discovered during excavation.

2006. Private hacienda, Bernalillo, NM. Underpin foundation using adobe baskets and helical piers, repair adobe walls and restore interior and exterior finishes for historic adobe complex.

2005. Governor Dempsey House, Circle Drive, Santa Fe, NM. Structural stabilization and repair of adobe walls using adobe cages.

2005. The Marfa Hotel, Marfa, TX. Stabilization and restoration of historic two-story adobe.

2005. The Oppenheimer House, Los Alamos, NM. Funding: Los Alamos Historical Society. Stabilization and repointing of home used by Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer during the Manhattan Project.

2003-2004. The Christmas Morning Ranch, La Liendre, NM. Restoration of ledge stone chapel and outbuildings including re-chinking and repointing with mud mortar.

2002. Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London, England. Specialty contractor for remedial treatment of lime plasters.

2002. Historic hacienda, Cedar Crest, NM. Structural underpinning and adobe wall repair of historic home dating back to 1920s.

2001. Seco Plaza Complex, Arroyo Seco, NM. Stabilization of historic two-story, single-wythe adobe structure on rubble foundation.

2000. Barclay Ranch, Cerrillos, NM. Stabilization and repointing of 19th or early 20th century stone ranch house.

2000. Los Luceros Hacienda, Alcade, NM. Specialty contractor and consultant for restoration of early 19th century adobe hacienda.

The following projects further demonstrate Crocker Ltd's experience complying with strict preservation standards:

2000. Leaden Hall School, Cathedral Close, Salisbury, England. Crocker Ltd was awarded a contract to underpin buildings at a Roman-era site because we were the only contractor to submit a plan that complied with English Heritage specifications, which forbade the use of Portland cement or disturbance of the subsurface. (view poster)

1987-1988. Santuario de Guadalupe, Santa Fe, NM. While underpinning the bell tower and during excavation for a new substructure, some 70 burials were discovered in 200 sq. ft. of the narthex. Crocker Ltd was certified by the City of Santa Fe, the State Historic Preservation Division, and the Archdiocese of Santa Fe to conduct archeological excavations to record and remove the remains, which were later re-interred.

These consulting projects further demonstrate our expertise with historic preservation:

2012, 2005-2006. Rollings vs. City of Tucson, Tucson, AZ.  Historic preservation expert witness for the City in the case of Rollings vs. City of Tucson.

2008. Fort Lowell, Tucson, AZ. For City of Tucson, AZ. Perform structural and materials assessment and treatment strategy for stabilization and restoration of 70-acre historic military facility. Recipient of a 2010 AZASLA Professional Design Award with Poster Frost Mirto and the rest of the Master Plan team.

2007-2008. Hutmacher Farm, near Kildeer, ND. For Preservation North Dakota. Using technologies derived in the ancient Hopi village of Oraibi in Arizona, designed and implemented an earthen roof over thatch solution for a stone and earthen farm house built by Ukrainian-German immigrants in 1926.

2007-2008.  Gun Site, Los Alamos, NM. For Los Alamos National Lab. Prepare historic preservation assessment and recommendation report for Gun Site restoration project.

2007. El Vado Motel, Albuquerque, NM.  For City of Albuquerque. Structural and historic preservation consultant with regard to this historic Route 66 motel.

2007. Fort Stanton, Lincoln County, NM. Consultant on historic building materials and construction methodology for an N.M. State Monument site.

2006.  Canoa Ranch, Tucson, AZ.  For Pima County, AZ. Prepare structural and materials assessment and treatment strategy for stabilization and restoration of numerous buildings at State of Arizona Registered Landmark (ca. 1860s).

2005-2006.  V-Site of the Manhattan Project, Los Alamos, NM. For Los Alamos National Lab. On-site preservation consultant for stabilization, preservation and restoration of historic materials at the V-Site Assembly Building, one of the few remaining Manhattan Project buildings.  Recipient of the 2007 New Mexico Heritage Preservation Award for Architectural Heritage and the 2008 National Trust/Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Award for Federal Partnerships in Historic Preservation.

2004-2005. San Cristóbal Mission, Santa Fe County, NM.  Assess standing ledgestone remains of early 17th century mission church; provide outline strategy for treatment for approval of compliance agencies and owner; document and stabilize using unamended or lime-amended mud mortars.

2004.  CLM Farms, Dell City, TX.  Assessment, HABS drawings, and outline strategy for restoration of Figure 2 ranch house built in the 1920s.

2002.  Casa San Ysidro, Corrales, NM. For The Albuquerque Museum. Condition report, assessment, and outline strategy for treatment. 

2001.  Painted Kiva Assessment, Bernalillo, NM.  For State of New Mexico Office of Cultural Affairs. Condition report, assessment, and outline strategy for treatment of the ca. 1300 Painted Kiva at Coronado State Monument.

2000-2001. New Mexico Historic Resource Manual and Survey Forms. For State of New Mexico Historic Preservation Division. Consultant/contractor for development and publishing. 

1999-2001.  Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, Santa Fe, NM. For State of New Mexico Historic Preservation Division. Historic structure report and nomination as a National Historic Landmark.

1999.  San Estebal del Rey Church and Convent, Acoma, NM. For the Pueblo of Acoma, Cornerstones Community Partnerships, and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Consultant for assessment of ca. 1629 church and convent.

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